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Photos and videos from the solidarity visit

Call to action!


The Anishinabe (Algonquin) people need your help!

Massive illegal clear-cutting within the “Reserve Faunique La Verendrye”, 300 km NW of Montreal, is taking place right now and the Traditional Anishinabe People are taking a stand to stop it. They are calling out to people of all Nations to come up to their territory to stand with them to stop the cutting and protect the forest.

The Traditional Anishinabe people who have lived live within the forest since the memorial of time have never sold their land. The cutting is occurring in their ancestral hunting grounds upon which they still depend, right near the people’s homes, directly affecting their livelihood as hunters and gatherers.

The Algonquin Nation of the Ottawa River Watershed are demanding that all involved with the industrial logging leave their territory immediately (as of July 29, 2014). They are taking a stand for themselves, their territory and all life that lives in the forest and they are not backing down!
Please accept the invitation of the Traditional Anishinabe people and go up to their territory to help them protect what’s left of the wildlife here and tell the Canadian people, the Canadian and Quebec officials that they must stop this destructiveness and immediately end all cutting within the Anishinabe Traditional land.

Please take the time to understand more about what is happening and take heed of this call to action… for the future generations and the environment at large.

Meegwech! Thank you!

To learn more about this issue and how you can help right now, please contact Tina Nottaway or Charles T.Ratt, spokespersons for The Algonquin Nation of the Ottawa River Watershed
Phone: 819-215-0477
Web site :
How to get there: Right off road 117, at km 318. 1 hour from Maniwaki. The checkpoint is visible from the road.
Bring cameras, laptops, hubs, etc.

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ANORW Solidarity
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