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TOMORROW: Anishinabek vs Louisiana Pacific, take 2

Some news about Friday’s hearing before the Superior court of Quebec. Anishinabek of the Algonquin Nation of the Ottawa River Watershed are attempting to obtain a safeguard order to stop the logging operations of Louisiana Pacific in Lac Lucie area, La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve.

The hearing has been postponed to Monday (tomorrow).
ANORW Solidarity will be waiting for you at 12:30 in front of Montreal’s court room (1 rue Notre-Dame, Place d’Armes metro) for a demonstration like we did on Friday. The hearing itself is set to happen at 13:30, in room 14.09.

Facebook event :

credit: Hélène Collin

credit: Hélène Collin

Attorneys of Louisiana Pacific and Resolute Forest Products have asked for the hearing to be postponed, claiming that they weren’t ready and that, according to them, 6 logging companies could get involved in the case. There was even mention of involving other companies who are indirectly affected.

Meanwhile, as Tina Nottaway put it, nothing is said about every family, nation, ecosystem, animal and human who are indirectly suffering from the logging.

Furthermore, attorney for the Anishinabek Paul-Yvan Martin claims that the Ministry of Natural Resources has failed to provide him with the logging permits for the area, which would have allowed him to see in advance what companies are involved in the area and thus, to save precious time.

Louisiana Pacific agreed to not cutting trees between midnight Friday and midnight Sunday. However, she said she would still gather the trees that have already been cut, an operation which, in itself, causes a lot of damage to the vegetation and the soil.

This is disappointing, although not exactly unexpected.

That said, we’ve had a great gathering with supporters outside of the court house, and corporate media are starting to show interest for the case. We’ve talked to journalists from La Presse, Le Devoir, Le Journal de Montreal and CHGA FM radio station. That’s not even mentionning the few independent media who covered the event.

Despite these delays, we must persist and show our concern. If you can be there tomorrow, well, be there ; )


credit: Hélène Collin

Friday: Solidarity gathering with the Anishinabek at Montreal’s court house


credit: Shannon Chief

Wednesday, during a big gathering organized by the Anishinabe of the forest of La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve, a bailiff showed up… to serve a letter of notice to logging company Louisiana Pacific!

The company is summoned before the court on Friday morning, August 15th, at Montreal Palais de Justice. The judge will examine an emergency request of the Anishinabek to force a stop to the logging in some sectors of La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve. The decision to emit an injuction to that effect, or not, will be made the same day and will be immediately effective.

Friday morning at 9:00, we invite you
– to join us in front of the Palais de Justice for a solidarity gathering;
– and then to attend the court hearing in numbers. It promises to be extremely interesting, and a potential turning point of this fight.

*** Please note that the exact time of the event could change, as well as certain details.

See you soon!
ANORW Solidarity

Day of peace for Mother Earth wrap-up

Today, there was a lot of people at the checkpoint. Many Anishinabek from the community and around, Mohawks from Akwesasne and Kahnawake, Quebecers and visitors from many origins. The objective: to foster unity against the destruction of Mother Earth.

Representatives from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Resolute Forest Products, who were invited to come and talk with the community to find a fair solution to the issue, didn’t show up. However, we had a pleasant surprise when a Bailiff sent by the Superior court of Quebec came to serve a letter of notice to logging company Louisiana Pacific, which is harvesting frantically in the checkpoint’s area. Friday, at the request of the community, a judge will decide whether or not to issue an injunction against Louisiana Pacific to interrupt logging activities.

Wednesday: A day of peace for Mother Earth

We are still at the checkpoint at km 318 of road 117. The community here is organizing a big demonstration, with people from all Nations. They are hoping that this event could greatly impact how things will unfold next. So if you can go out there for one day only, Wednesday is a good day for that!

Wednesday, August 13th, 10:00 am, km 318 or road 117, Québec

” A peaceful demonstration to make aware of all of the people of all Nations, things have to change and the Grassroot people will have to lead this revolution in order to ensure a more green and naturally sustainable future for all mankind.
Only one day of your time is asked to come and speak and support for our Mother Earth.

Bring your drums and singers. ”


Photos and videos from the solidarity visit