Protest in solidarity with Lac Simon Anishnabeg community

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TIOHTIAKE (so-called MONTRÉAL), AVRIL 7, 2016 – In solidarity with Sandy Michel’s family and all the community of Lac-Simon, a demonstration is organized on Monday April 11th, at 7:00 pm, metro Saint-Laurent. To say that, as for blacks, “Indigenous Lives Matter”!

Once more…

We didn’t even have time to cope with the news of Jean-Pierre Bony’s murder, hit to death by a plastic bullet from the SPVM in Montreal North, that police struck again.

On April 6th at night, Sandy Michel, 25 yo, passed away, brutally assassinated by the anishnabeg reserve police in Lac-Simon, near Val-d’or. His only crime was to have shown an objet that « seemed » like a weapon. The police crushed him with their car before shotting him dead. It is an immense loss for his father Johnny, whose older son was also killed by the police in 2009… At this scale, we have the right to consider the murders of indigenous youth in northern Quebec, as for the murder of black youth in northern Montreal, as an example of intolerant racism, where non-white lives are to be liquidated without any further trial.

In the wake of this tragedy, the population of Lac-Simon, exasperated by years of police harassment, immediately assembled to ask them to quit their territory. This brough the SQ to intervene on the premises, formelly forbidding any media to go up there during the time of the investigation.

This mediatic black-out is not innocent. After the recent revelations on sexual atrocities commited by a considerable amount of police officers around Val-d’Or, the SQ is desperate to hide the systematic character of police violence against aboriginals. Remember that the « aboriginal police » had just come back to the territory of Lac-Simon, which it had to desert after the death of one of their officers, killed by Anthony Raymond Papatie, 22 yo, before he commited suicide. As we must believe that the police has not understood this signal of desperation, we must understand the murder of Sandy Michel as a brutal vengeance from their part. What police undertakes on reservations is but the prolongation of the old genocidal war.

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