Anishnabe People’s Clan Council~Our Voices Matter

An invitation from Shannon Chief
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Saturday, November 15th, in Ottawa
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anish_clan_councilThe Algonquin Territory of the Anishnabe People has been goldmine for Canada’s econonmic development grossing Billions of dollars yearly from Mining and forestry and plans yet to insert pipelines through the territory. The People’s Clan Council are gathering to meet and discuss what is threathening the way of life for our people on the lands and the waters of the Ottawa River Watershed. The territorial lands of the Anishnabeg holds manys of the richest wildlife from soils, rare earths minerals, over 15 trees used for different wood products that is being sold to oversea markets, and the animals that are hunted yearly for games and trophies such as the wolves, moose and deers.

What currently threathens the future of the lands and wild life habitant are the current Land Claims that will only seal the deals of the destructions of our lands, waters and wildlife only to bring in more agreements for mining and forestry. While most of the INAC leaders sign away to have harmonized cuts and sit in meetings with Natural Resorces to bring in other plans without using the trust of our People’s Clan Council’s beliefs.
Band elected leaders are making too much decisions way ahead assuming its for the best interest of the people. The Anishnabe Clan Council have their views and separate interest for the land apart from the interests of Band elected leaders and its time our People’s Clan Council are heard because our voices matter..


9am – 12 pm Meeting with invited Speakers of our Algonquin Communities. To review and discuss what are the threathening matters in our territories.. what has been done and what can be done in a unified approched and supports needed.

12pm – lunch

1pm – 3 pm Panel to address to the public what our positions are and what the Peoples Clan Councils are willing to share, teach, do for our lands, for the future well beings of our children and all wild life on the Anishnabe Unceded Territory

4 pm – Supper & Debrief~Set up date to meet and ensure our People work as a Unified Nation with the Land as its first priorty

Potlot event.. please support our Nation’s effort to voice for heartland of Mother Earth.. bring your wonderful dishes.. come share a day with us in thoughts, stories, prayers and support..